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One of the highest forms of flattery for a coach is to witness a client thrive after working with you.   Even better is when clients share how you have touched their lives.   

I know that coaching works.  If you don't believe me, read a few testimonials from individuals who have benefited from our coaching sessions.   Also know that when you work with me, you are engaging with someone who is rooting for you to succeed.  I truly do what I love, and love what I do.  I would be honored to be your accountability partner in your journey to uncover your passion, discover the possibilities, unleash your power and/or live life with purpose.    

If you're ready to enter into a coaching relationship, click the button below to schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation.

Ready.  Set.  Let's Go!

Mark E.  


I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle as an exceptional Executive Coach. I had the privilege of working with her shortly after assuming my second CEO role, and her impact on my leadership approach and team dynamics was truly transformative.

Michelle's reputation as an experienced coach for senior leaders is well-deserved. In our coaching sessions, she demonstrated an extraordinary ability to listen and intuitively grasp the complexities of my leadership challenges. Through thought-provoking questions, Michelle guided me in navigating the intricacies of leading a team with established alliances and diverse working styles, notably different from my previous experiences.

One of Michelle's key strengths is her ability to help me craft a nuanced approach to engaging with critical stakeholders. Her insights allowed me to authentically express my needs as the CEO, fostering an environment where the organization could evolve and thrive. Michelle also orchestrated a highly effective high-performance team session for my leadership team. This session enhanced our understanding of one another and set clear expectations for our collaborative efforts, ultimately fortifying our unity as a team with a shared vision.

For any senior professional seeking a coach, Michelle is the ideal choice. Her empathetic yet straightforward approach, coupled with a strong belief in authentic leadership, struck the perfect balance between addressing the needs of direct reports and steering the organization toward success. Michelle's guidance has been invaluable, and I am confident she can bring significant positive change to any leader's journey.


"Michelle provided me with the exact coaching and guidance I wanted and didn't know I needed. Her mentoring also allowed me to navigate the workforce with even more confidence!  I am new to the professional world and Michelle gave me the courage to think outside the box and make room for new, exciting challenges.  With her help after losing my job, I was able to find a new role in less than 3 months! Thank you Michelle!!"

Tammeka C.  

"Working with My Best Every Day Coaching and Consulting proved tremendously helpful in my career growth. Michelle was very responsive to key areas of career development that I aimed to address in each coaching session. The sessions supported my exploration of career advancement opportunities and helped me to allocate time for career reflection. I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle in different seasons of my career journey."

Roderick M. 


"Michelle provided coaching at a time when I didn't necessarily know what direction my career or life were headed. I had just been impacted by a company layoff while already coping with severe illnesses in my immediate family. This time period was perhaps the most difficult and the most critical phase of my personal journey.

When I spoke with Michelle, she listened to my concerns, empathized with my challenges, and pushed me to develop a path designed on my wants instead of what I thought friends and coworkers expected of me. Because of Michelle's tailored approach and genuine commitment, I now have clarity on my goals and the steps required for reaching them. I have since started a new role aligned to my personal and professional objectives and have developed a new sense of self-purpose that energizes me everyday. Thank you, Michelle!

Keisha G. 

"Michelle Biggs is a compassionate professional coach who's insight provided me with the guidance I needed to take a deeper look into how to access my talents to the fullest.  Michelle's ability to ask the right questions enabled me to own my process.  Our sessions provided insight to how to move forward with my professional goals.  I look forward to the next phases of my journey and have extreme gratitude for Michelle in the support she has given me thus far."



Simone A. 

"There are times when I felt like I was not moving forwards nor backwards in my career, just standing still. Standing still in uncertainty. Standing still in unmet expectations of myself. Standing still in unmet needs from others. In comes Michelle, who was able to unlock the internal barriers within myself that allowed me to see my situation for what it is, and more importantly, for what it it’s not. The concept that I am enough has been deeply ingrained in me through my time with Michelle. I now realized that the only person stopping myself from reaching my full potential was myself. I now return that power to myself, and refuse to give it over to anyone else, or any situation. Life changing. Thank you Michelle!!!"


Kamallah C.

"Michelle is a WONDERFUL coach. We could all use a little coaching but since I’m early in my career Michelle was a huge help for me! She didn’t give me the answers to solve my issues but she gave me tools and tactics for how to best solve them.  Our discussions helped me better understand my communication styles and my goals for the future.  She always allowed me to get out of my head and see things from a different perspective.  I think my favorite part is now I feel more confident in myself and my abilities when it comes to where and how I show up at work, and honestly overall in life."

Giovanni E.

“When I was first assigned an executive management coach, I did not know what to expect but Michelle made it a rewarding experience. The way Michelle actively listened and asks insightful questions pushed me to identify behavioral changes to be a better individual and organizational leader. Every coaching session provided me with clear ideas to work on or reflect on in order to see how people might respond to my actions and how I could improve my skills. The coaching and my new self-awareness helped me to improve how I show up as a leader, set direction, bring people along on the journey and ultimately benefited my organization as a whole. I now know how important it is to have an executive coach and if you find one as good as Michelle Biggs, you will be able to unlock your full potential.”

Miyochi R.

"Michelle Lisa Biggs' coaching sessions helped me to recognize myself and my worth again. I can't begin to tell you just how much she helped me to rebuild my confidence, find my voice to speak, and the courage to step out of my comfort zone to try a new career path after decades of working in the same industry.  I was truly a broken vessel when I started the coaching sessions with Michelle, but her great listening ability quickly identified the tools and techniques I needed to get back in alignment. She provided a judgement-free environment to allow me to sulk a "little" and then guided me through the tough conversations to a victorious outcome.  The homework assignments helped me to be accountable for my own destiny and it's paying off.  I have had great interviews and soon to make a decision about what's in my next chapter.  I am so thankful that a friend saw that I needed Michelle's coaching in my life when she referred her to me."

Mindy F.

“Michelle Biggs has the ability to turn your chaos into creativity! At a time when I was seeking balance, Michelle helped me to see that many of my expectations were greater than my lifestyle could allow.  With her guidance and direction, I was able to make a realistic plan to accomplish my new goals. She has turned her vast wealth of life and professional experiences into blessings and advantages for those who seek her services. If you desire to move forward and not stay stuck, seek out her exceptional services at My Best Every Day!

Tabitha L.

"Michelle Lisa Biggs is so amazing. I was having issues with getting my resume together. Michelle is so patient in working with you to make sure you have results. Not long after posting my resume on Indeed, I was able to land in a field where I was able to expand on my education and skills. Thank you Michelle for working with me, and being patient with me."


Mel A.

“Michelle is one of the best coaches that I've known in my 35 year career.  I made a job change several years back that was not a good fit for me.  Feeling stuck and discouraged, I reached out to Michelle for help.  She coached me through a difficult time by giving me a sense of direction, asking probing questions that helped me see things more clearly and reminding me of the unique skill set I possessed.  Her coaching was the help that I needed to get back on the right career track that best fit my experiences.  I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend her services to anyone trying to figure out their next steps in their career.”


Angela M.

“Michelle helped me navigate a difficult career transition.  Coming from a corporate setting I did not have clear guidance on achieving my next steps outside of that realm. Michelle stepped in and helped me to set objective tasks that were crucial in my transition to the nonprofit world. After spending a large sum of money on resume writers and none of them resulted in a hire.  I consulted Michelle who helped me shape my CV to highlight my 3-5 top competencies.  The resume format I was aiming for was functional and Michelle was able to help me accomplish just that.


Michelle’s advice and suggestions made an immediate impact on both my confidence and my resume. Anyone needing to take their career to another level or looking to transfer their skills from one career to another, I would highly recommend Michelle to assist you with your Journey."


Tonya F.

"I was working at the same company for over 11 years and decided that I was ready to transition to another job and needed a career coach. I had not been involved the job market during the entire 11-year period, so I contacted Michelle who was recommended by a friend. Michelle and I met multiple times. She and I discussed how to navigate the current market that had changed significantly since my prior job search years prior. She also reviewed my resume and provided recommended changes, to help it become more polished. When I notified her that I had an interview scheduled, she and I connected so that we could practice potential interview questions and appropriate responses.  She was also very positive and encouraging. After working with her, I nailed the job interview and was offered the position."


In this current climate, the job market can be very competitive so I recommend Michelle as a career coach to anyone seeking a career change, specifically anyone who has not been involved in a recent job search/ interview process and needs assistance in opening the door to opportunities"

Mindy L.

"Thank you so much Michelle for helping me through one of the most challenging times in my career.  I was working with a taxing boss and we weren’t communicating effectively.


You approached me in a patient, kind, empathetic way and because of you I am more knowledgeable, stronger and much better equipped to handle this in the future. You challenged me to think differently.  You have a real gift in restating what I said and saying it back to me in a clear, succinct way; helping me feel that I was being heard, but also with a clear direction on what to do next.


I believe that you have so many gifts to give as a Coach and I’m so pleased and grateful that we were connected, and you were able to help me in my journey.”


Nicki W.

"Michelle was the professional coach that I didn't know I needed. At first, I was so uncomfortable with the idea of professional coaching and was nervous about our sessions. However, Michelle was patient and persistent and really helped me get the results I didn't even know I was looking for.  She never let me off the hook with the "easy" answer, but instead, she asked insightful questions to get at the root of what was really holding me back or hindering my progress.  I appreciated her combination of approachable but also toughness when it came to our sessions.  She wasn't afraid to ask me the hard questions or ask me to dive deeper into why I was doing certain things or feeling certain ways. In the end, I feel as though Michelle helped me become more aware of self-limiting thoughts and I use the tools that she taught me very frequently.  Michelle helped me not only solve specific business problems, but also taught me how to think of myself differently as a female professional.  I can't recommend her coaching enough."

Steve E.

"The positive effects of my time with "Michelle" still influence and guide my behaviors at home and in the workplace today.  She helped me understand that I can be true to myself while flexing my communication style to enhance relationships with colleagues and be successful. Thank you, Michelle, for being a great coach and mentor."



Elaine H.

“Michelle was my coach as I took on a new role as a project manager…so it was my first role at that level and also first role within an off-site group.


Michelle came over very calm and reassuring but didn’t let me just wait for her to find the answers for me but dug into my life a little to find out what was at the bottom of my feelings of fear and not being able to do the job.  It was quite emotional for me at times which I had not expected but it provoked some light bulb moments of realization that previous experiences had clouded my judgment and belief in my own ability.  I realized I’m much stronger than I have given myself credit for and I should believe it more.  If I wasn’t capable I wouldn’t have gotten the job.


The little bits of homework between our sessions kept me moving in the right direction too, different styles of speaking in my meetings, video calling so I can see the people I’m talking too, make a better connection with individuals. Paraphrasing to help my understanding and agree with the group, requests for real time feedback and clarifying what is expected of me, all tools I have continued to use.


On a personal basis the coaching has helped me massively with my confidence, with my ability to relax into the meetings and feel part of a great team. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical starting the sessions but I was really shocked at the way you dug out the things I’d forgotten about and helped me put them into perspective.  I can even use these techniques at home to calm my kids down when they are arguing which has helped. Feedback from my immediate manager and above was very positive, both seeing improvements in my confidence and manner.”

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