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Executive Coaching

Designed and customized for senior leaders whose objective is to gain better awareness of their overall impact, with the goal of improving their personal effectiveness and the performance of the organization in which they are aligned. 

Add On:  Facilitation of a team meeting to ensure ways of working that embodies the principles of a high-performing organization that delivers positive outcomes.

Leadership Coaching

Designed and customized for clients who are new to managing others or leaders assigned to new teams, with the goal of developing and strengthening a leadership style that is authentic, engaging, motivating and supportive.

Add on:  Facilitation of a team meeting with the goal for leaders and their direct reports to get better acquainted and institute effective/efficient ways of working that will result in positive productivity and reinforce the importance of honesty, trust and teamwork.


Career Coaching 
Designed and customized to assist clients with uncovering their passion and interests, identifying a career path, and devising a strategy that will allow them to achieve their short and longer-term aspirations confidently. 
Add-on Interview Package - Designed for clients needing a thought partner to assist with interview preparation and managing the job offer process.  Includes a critique of a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and the development of a salary negotiation strategy.


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Workplace Coaching

Designed for clients who seek to identify and/or overcome barriers that will prevent them from performing, progressing and/or being their best selves in their organizations. The goal is for clients to create and execute a plan that will enable them to grow and develop wherever they are planted.

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Life Coaching

Designed for clients who are seeking to uncover and minimize obstacles and distractions that could be getting in the way of them living their best lives.  The goal is to develop an action plan that will enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations in a purposeful manner.



Designed for leaders who strive to improve the culture of their organization

How To Prepare For Coaching

Identify your goal(s) and focus area for each session.  Doing this will allow for a more meaningful engagement with your coach and serve as a check step if the conversation derails. The coaching session should always be about your agenda rather than what the coach wants to achieve.


Be open and honest with your coach, which helps establish a trust connection that is crucial in a coaching relationship.  The coach will also be able to leverage techniques to get at the heart of what may be driving behaviors that are not reaping positive outcomes. 


Get ready to be challenged.  A good coach will ask thought-provoking questions to get you to think outside the box, especially if you want to achieve something you have never done.   It may sometimes feel uncomfortable, but know that a coach is there to support, encourage, and hold you accountable to accomplish your objectives.

After each session, journal your thoughts and track activities related to your coaching engagements. This activity will help you to bring real-life examples of your successes and challenges. It will also help to set the tone for a richer coaching discussion. 


Expect to have some eye-opening experiences and changes.  People rarely seek coaches to stay in the same place. Therefore, anticipate a difference in your mindset, behavior, and beliefs. 


In summary, as with anything in life, you get what you put into it. Come to each coaching session willing to be fully present and engaged.  If you are meeting virtually, find a quiet place in your home where you will have minor distractions.


Coaching is a huge investment in yourself, so take full advantage of what a coach can offer so that you're able to achieve what you set out to accomplish during each session.  Engaging with a coach provides you with an opportunity to be unapologetically selfish. Go forth and conquer!

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